Wednesday, August 12, 2009

Albino Pugs

I've always been fascinated by albinos and ever since I saw a picture of an albino pug I've wanted one. Correction, I would like a pug with "leucism." There's actually a difference. Albinos have absolutely no pigment at all, resulting in the characteristic red eyes. Animals like white tigers are not albino at all, but actually have leucism. Leucism is a reduction of pigment, not a complete lack, and thus the animals have blue eyes, not red. Well, there's your fun fact for the day!


  1. Hi I'm so excited to see these pictures of albino pugs. I am studying dog coat colour genetics at University of Saskatchewan and recently I have found a mutation that cause albinism in some long haired small breeds. But an albino pug did not have this mutation. Unfortunately we don't have enough DNA left of this albino dog to continue our studies further.
    So I am looking for more albino dogs, specially pugs. Do you have any contacts for these albino dogs owners and anyone who is willilng to send us some DNA cheek brush samples